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Bar Multi Tool

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You'll have an entire home bar in this one multi-tool!

It's compact, portable and has just about everything you need to make a delicious cocktail except that actual booze. Use it when you're entertaining, take it to your mate's next party to show off or just treat yourself to a delicious extravagant beverage every now and then.


  • Muddler to crush fruit & herbs
  • Reamer for juicing fruits
  • Strainer to keep the ice out
  • Knife to slice and dice your ingredients
  • Bottle opener for obvious uses
  • Spirit measure to get exactly 15ml every time (half shot)
  • Corkscrew for when you're in a vino mood
  • Stirrer to gently blend your cocktail
  • Peeler for garnishes
  • Zester to get that delicious flavour from citrus fruits
  • Channel knife for twists & garnishes